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Praia da Rocha panoramic version

Last days I don’t have so much free time to work on my photos -Damn, I’m eager about my upcoming holidays-, so I choose the easy way … the biggest panorama I ever post.

I’m not pretty confident about the results but who cares? … not me 😀


  1. Posted 11 Sep ’07 at 09:27 | #

    Great result, very wide! Which tool do you use?

  2. Posted 11 Sep ’07 at 10:49 | #

    In this one I have used Photoshop CS3. Normally I use ‘Canon Photostitch’, but the new CS3 tools produce good results even with handheld panoramas like this one.

  3. Posted 11 Sep ’07 at 15:18 | #

    Pedazo foto!… No la había visto… Menuda panorámica hiciste…

  4. Posted 12 Sep ’07 at 19:09 | #

    Tena koe ehoa
    An amazing panorama! The previous appetizer doesn’t even do this justice. Its great to see the vast gamut of colour exposed in a shot like this as it has more relativity the the scene and the nature of the scene. Stunning.

  5. Posted 7 May ’08 at 17:46 | #

    That is a remarkable panoramic image. I feel like I almost turned 360.